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Late-Night Pizza Craving Leads Carnival Cruise Passenger to Witness 3 A.M. Food Hall Brawl

a group of people in a room

A wild fight erupted on a Carnival cruise ship bound for Central America at 3 a.m. after “a bunch of drunk girls from Tampa” had a disagreement. Nick Richardson, a 43-year-old passenger, described the scene, saying he was on his way to get some pizza when he stumbled into what felt like a war zone.…

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Housekeeping Decline Shocks Popular TikToker Vegas Pauly C with Disgusting Discovery

dog feces under a bed

The recent trend of diminished housekeeping services at hotels resulted in an unpleasant surprise for popular TikToker Paul Contino, known online as Vegas Pauly C. Upon checking into his hotel room, Pauly C immediately noticed a foul odor. The source of the stench appeared to be under the bed. In his video, Pauly C pans…

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Charlotte Woman Sues City After Slip on Airport Sandwich Leads to Injuries

a sandwich cut in half

A Meklenburg County passenger is suing the city of Charlotte after stepping on a sandwich at the Charlotte airport and sustaining injuries. The passenger got off her flight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and stepped on a sandwich causing her to slip and fall. The passenger says that she had go through tests, medical procedures,…

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Security Breach Tragedy: Man Intrudes Airport, Evades Authorities, and Tragically Meets His Fate in Airplane Engine

a group of people walking in a large airport

A man at the Salt Lake City airport caused a disturbance at a retail shop, ran through a security door onto the airfield, found a plane in the deicing pad, and crawled into the engine, where he ultimately perished. A tragic incident occurred on January 1st at the Salt Lake City airport. A 30-year-old man…

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Stranded Passengers Turn 8-Hour Delay into an Impromptu Hallmark Movie Production

a group of people standing in a room

Everyone has experienced a delay at airports, especially during the heavy travel season. Weather, airplane, and other delays can turn an otherwise normal travel experience into a nightmare. A couple of passengers stranded at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport decided to film a Hallmark-inspired movie during their eight-hour delay. Kristin Litzenberg fortunately shared the finished product…

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Southwest Passenger Deploys Makeshift Mannequin to Occupy Adjacent Seat

a group of people on a plane

Everyone loves an empty seat next to them. With Southwest’s open seat policy, any available seat is fair game. Consequently, a passenger hastily fashioned a makeshift mannequin to occupy the adjacent seat and dissuade anyone from sitting next to them. Tiktok user muscadinebloodline8 shared a video of an enterprising Southwest Passenger using a fake dummy…

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Passenger’s Inconsiderate Grooming Habits Leave Delta Flight Covered in Shaved Whiskers

a man in a hat with his hand on his chin

I’ve seen plenty of stories of people letting their hair hang over their chair, or putting their bare feet on the walls of an airplane but this story might perhaps top them all. During boarding, a man decided to pull out his electric razor and sent shaved whiskers flying all over the plane. A Reddit…

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Hilton Hotel Guest Shocked as Manager Caught Sucking Their Toes While They Slept

a foot with toes

A Hilton hotel guest, Peter Brennan, woke up to the hotel night manager sucking his toes. The night manager at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, David Neal, had come to Brennan’s room the previous day to fix his TV. When Neal put Brennan’s toes in his mouth, that was enough to wake Brennan up. Brennan recognized…

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