An Attorney General Candidate Moonlights As A Delta Baggage Handler For Free Flights

David Leavitt is the brother of former Utah governor Mike Leavitt, who served in the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and Secretary of Heath and Human Services. David is currently the Utah County Attorney and was elected to that position in 2018.

David Leavitt is running for the Republican nomination for Attorney General against the current Attorney General of Utah Sean Reyes and the poll numbers show a very tight race.

David also has a net worth between $31 million and $81 million according to an estimate in 2007

Why would someone with that amount of wealth work for the past four years as a Delta Airlines baggage handler at $8.50 an hour? Free flights.

In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, David said that he has to work at least 150 hours each year as a seasonal ramp agent to receive the free flight benefit that extends to him and his family. He picks up the hours on nights and Saturdays.

“I’m not doing it for the paycheck, ” he said. “It was creating such amazing memories for our family because we would go to Paris for the weekend. It has become a part of my family culture.”

When asked if he will quit working as a ramp agent if elected as Attorney General, Leavit said “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it”.



  1. Maybe he could use his buddy pass to take impeached dear leader to HELLsinki with him?

  2. Maybe he could give his passes to Biden’s son to receive their checks from Ukraine and China.

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