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Guest’s DIY Security Sting Nabs Hotel Staff Thief: Portable Camera Captures Employee Stealing Personal Items from Room

a person sitting on a bed

Michael Holz, a tourist traveling in Netherlands, was shocked when his phone alerted him to an employee rummaging and taking things from his room while he was out. Michael consistently sets up a Blink mini camera from Amazon on the hotel wifi when he travels, preferring this camera for its motion sensor. He was startled…

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Easily extend the expiration of AAdvantage miles by filling up at Shell Gas Stations

a screenshot of a website

I live in a Delta hub city, Salt Lake City, and therefore rarely fly American Airlines. However, I do still have a sizeable mileage balance with them from credit card signup bonuses in the past. I, therefore, have AwardWallet watch all of my balances and find ways to keep the miles from expiring by having…

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Delta Air Lines Elevates Boarding Experience with Seat Numbers Displayed on In-Flight Entertainment Screens

a seats on an airplane with a screen

A Reddit user posted a picture of seat numbers being displayed on in-flight entertainment screens during boarding. In what may be a test, but hopefully will become permanent, this is another graphical way to nudge passengers to find their correct seat. Airlines are always looking for ways to speed up the boarding process. Recently, United…

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Southwest Passenger Shocked When Laptop in Checked Bag is Destroyed

a screenshot of a social media post of two girls

A Southwest Airlines passenger, Isabel Price, took to TikTok to show the damage that occurred to her sister’s belongings during a recent flight to Pensacola, Florida. Her sister was shocked when her Apple laptop, which was in her checked bag, was completely destroyed. Her sister, Lily, was waiting for her checked bag to come out…

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French Horn Player Turns Delta Air Lines Hold Music into Impromptu Concert During Lengthy Wait Time

a girl playing a horn

Maria D’Ambrosio, a French Horn player for the past 16 years, currently playing with the Bozeman and Helena symphonies in Montana. She called into Delta Air lines and was greeted with all too familiar jazzy hold music we’ve all become accustomed to. The song is “My Time to Fly” by Harriet Goldberg. Rather than simply…

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Disturbing Discovery: The Corpse of a Deceased Cruise Passenger Was Placed in a Drinks Cooler, Causing It to Rot

a pool on a cruise ship

The corpse of a cruise passenger who perished of a heart attack on a Celebrity Cruises Equinox ship in the summer of 2022, allegedly rotted because it was placed in a drinks cooler, according to a lawsuit against Celebrity Cruises. Cruise ships have morgues onboard due to the possibility of passengers dying while on the…

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Post Malone’s Secret Makeover: Utah Resident Gives Raising Cane’s a New Look

a painting of two men on a wall

Utah hasn’t really been the coolest state. We had the Osmonds in the 70s, Steve Young, the Sundance Institute founder and actor Robert Redford in the 80s, and Stockton and Malone in the 80s, and David Archuleta in the 2000s. We can’t seem to shake off the perception of not being cool. Even when we…

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