Mission Possible: Tom Cruise Can Enter Norway Without Travel Restrictions

Despite coronavirus restrictions in Norway, Tom Cruise and his film crew have received the go ahead to come to Norway in the Fall to film Mission Impossible 7.

Culture minister of Norway, Abid Raja, tweeted about getting Tom Cruise back to Norway after speaking to Tom Cruise by phone.

“We hope to get Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible back to Norway”

The official announcement for Tom Cruise and the production team came from Olaug Bollestad, the Agriculture and Food Minister of Norway. During the briefing where restrictions were added back to people who traveled to Spain, disappointing many Norwegians who had headed there for vacation when the restrictions were lifted two weeks ago, Cruise and his team will be allowed in regardless of anywhere they’ve traveled prior to arriving to Norway.

Upon arrival in Norway, the crew will be subject to a strict health regime. Bollestad explained that “members of the production team will be kept apart from others during their stay in Norway,” which rules out any interaction with members of the public. The crew will also be subject to regular testing.

The Mission Impossible crew is interested in Norway based on the stunning landscapes such as this scene.


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