Tweet your post Super Bowl bowel movement for a chance to win $10,000

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow with the Cincinnati Bengals playing the Los Angeles Rams in one of the largest sporting events in America. As part of Super Bowl festivities, fans often gather together to watch the game and the commercials and break out all kinds of snacks. For my Super Bowl gathering, I am bringing smoked brisket, home made queso dip, and various desserts.

Hello Tushy, a bidet company, is also interested in your Super Bowl spread. They’re interested in the aftermath of all of the Super Bowl eating that happens.

Apparently a few eager folks have already been DMing their creations to Hello Tushy.

If you choose to enter, wait till after the Super Bowl, follow Hello Tushy on twitter and use the hashtag #TUSHYSuperBowel and please don’t tag me.

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