Police man the front desk after entire staff at the Hilton Hampton Inn and Suites in Boynton Beach walk off the job

Nobody can check in the the Hilton Hampton Inn and Suites in Boynton Beach, Florida right now after the entire staff walked out according to user u/malmal3k on Reddit. The lobby is full of people unable to check in and other guests are locked out of their room as it appears that keycards were deactivated as well. Finally a guest called the police and six squad cars showed up.

The police ,who went behind the desk trying to reach some employees, found a list of phone numbers. The police started to call the phone numbers. Unfortunately it was the hotel’s “Do Not Book Room’s To” list.

People on Reddit are asking the hard hitting questions

Q:So if your key card doesn’t work and the staff aren’t around because they walked out, does it give you free reign to break the door down to get your stuff so you can go somewhere else? And not get charged for broken door?

A:I know the food and drinks are free game for everyone – No way any of us could Kool-Aid Man that door down

The OP hasn’t given any updates if guests have been able to get into their rooms and there is no word yet as to why the staff left.


  1. If my shift is over at 11pm and relief doesn’t show, I call my relief and ask, “Where the ***** are you?” And if that doesn’t yield satisfactory results, I call the boss and leave it to them to solve it – and I *remain* at work until properly relieved. I definitely don’t put forth any effort to screw over any bystanders.

  2. Where is this free money Sarah?? Where are these Government Subsides for hotel workers that you speak of. I’m pretty sure the entire staff quit because they can get a better job not dealing with customer service. I quit my customer service job and started my own business where I can refuse to serve anyone, anytime. No more Karen’s

  3. As a 3-11 person at a hitlon, i can completely understand the situation. Many, many times the night auditor has either been extremely late or in a couple case quit and didn’t show up. The issue is the management. In my cases, there was no one to come in. The GM was out of state, had no Asst GM and the Front desk manager did not answer the phone. In my circumstances, I ended up having to stay and pull a double because i just happen to know how to run audit. If i had been a different person, i’d have walked out too. This is a clear example of “Right to work.” If the employee worked his 8 hours there is no contract or job description that he/she needed to stay. This falls completely on management for not being prepared for that situation and the person who did not show until 3 hours later. I sympathize with guests, but people this is how things are in the hospitality industry nowadays. They already expect a front desk agent to do housekeeping, front desk and maintenance. So he/she did their job, as required for 8 hours.
    Kudos for him/her to have the courage to leave.

  4. Can’t believe the people commenting is concerned about the name of the hotel and not situation at hand. This is what employers have to endure from all the Government subsidies. Go Congress. Handout more free money while those who are busting their ass to make a living there are those who can Quit and still get handouts.

  5. What is going on with Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton? The hotel in Marksville, La. had a accounting glitch on March 17,2022 at 3am in the morning charging past customers cards!!!! I had always been a fan of Hampton Inn not so much anymore!!!!

  6. Sometimes workers gets tired of their coworkers being late all the times without notifying them and finally that one day came when they can’t wait anymore lol. But they should’ve notify the GM. So he’s probably got fired for this.

  7. At any establishment there are scheduling issues or hiccups with employees running late with emergencies. No need spread lies about staff walking out and police calling the “do not reserve contact list” because that is exactly what is written in bold at the top of the list posted on the wall. It is completely understandable that guests would be extremely upset and concerned about their belongings, not getting back in their room or exhausted from possibly traveling and just want to check in. Welcome to the real world, I would hate to be stuck in traffic on 95 with the people who complain about something out of their control! Patience is a virtue! Have a good day.

    -Satisfied current guest of Hampton Inn and suites at Boynton Beach

  8. So, the person that is off at 11pm is not supposed to leave until the Night Auditor (11pm person) arrives. Smallish hotel like this, the 11pm should call the GM if the night auditor does not arrive for his shift, and the that person sold wait a hit for the GM or someone to arrive. That is how it is SUPPOSED to work.

  9. Actually there is a Hilton Suites also in Atlanta GA the person who said that doesn’t truly know the Hilton brand it mostly happens when a DoubleTree Suites gets converted into a Hilton then it becomes Hilton Suites

  10. I’m going to start off with…this is thee perfect example of why you can’t believe everything you read. The entire staff on Wednesday night consist of three employees. The laundry lady, Randall the houseman and the front desk agent. Our shift is from 3pm to 11pm. We all left at the end of our shift. The night auditor who comes in at 11pm showed up 3 hours late. So again this is why you cannot believe everything you read… I am Randall the houseman commenting. Questions, concerns, comments feel free to leave them. You will get the truth from me. THANK YOU 🙂

  11. That is not even what happened. The front desk employee never arrived for his 11 pm shift and the front desk attendant before him left at his original time. I wouldn’t wait around either. The kid was 3 hours late. Funny how lies spread so easy. Nobody walked off the job!

  12. What a ridiculous comment, just wtf were the guests supposed to do? Cops are unionized so therefore the city is in trouble? Idiotic. And besides how do you know this is a union matter??

  13. Why are the cops, who are ostensibly union members, being the scabs here? They would cross a picket/strike line to … support the billionaires who own the hotel chain? Why? This is a private business. public employees should not be subsidizing them. This negates the entire point of the strike, and hurts employees and ultimately customers.

    There must be something else going on here, because the city is putting itself in a really precarious legal position here.

  14. It is a Hampton.
    There is a Hilton Suites in Boca.

    Hilton Boca Raton Suites Hotelhttps://www.hilton.com › … › Florida › Boca Raton Hotels
    If you’re searching for Boca Raton hotels, look no further than Hilton Boca Raton Suites, nestled within a 6-acre lakeside complex, near shopping and dining

  15. There is a Homewood Suites in Boynton. There’s a Hampton Inn in Boynton. But there’s no hotel called a “Hilton Suites” in Boynton. In fact, there’s no “Hilton Suites” ANYWHERE in the world. I’m surprised a travel industry blogger wouldn’t know such basic details about the Hilton chain.

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