I had an amazing soak tub at the Holiday Inn Darling Harbour but no soap or shampoo

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Darling Harbor in Sydney, Australia and had a great experience. The location of the hotel was perfect – it was right in the heart of Darling Harbor, within walking distance of all the major attractions, restaurants, and shops.

The rooms were clean, spacious, and well-equipped with all the amenities I needed for a comfortable stay, including a comfortable bed, a flat-screen TV, a mini fridge, and a coffee maker plus an extra room to hang out in. I got upgraded to a suite for my entire stay due to my Diamond Elite Status. The bathroom was also clean and modern, with a shower and bathtub.

There was just one problem with the bathtub – I had no soap or shampoo to use it.

a bathroom with a tub toilet and shower

An amazing tub

a bathroom with a toilet and a tub

I had no soap or shampoo because this property uses the reusable pumps and has them locked up.

a glass shower with a sink and soaps

The shampoo and conditioner locked up

a group of white bottles with dispensers on a black shelf

should I pump then run back to the bathtub?

a white bottle with a white pump on top of it

Where is a lock picker when you need it?

Now I did try to remedy the situation by asking housekeeping if it was possible to get a loose shampoo or soap bottle so that I can use the bathtub. They said they weren’t able to do that. So what exactly does the Holiday Inn Darling Harbour expect someone to do if they want to use the bathtub?

After a couple of days, I finally just went down to the local supermarket and purchased my own bar of soap. It was a glorious time in the bath but really wish they could either install soap and shampoo but the tub or trust the guest don’t want to steal their products.


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