Chaos at the Airport: Frontier Staff and Passengers Join Forces to Capture Enormous Rat

A gigantic rat entertained and terrified staff and passengers at Frontier Airlines on Thursday.

A video posted on TikTok by @randymulvaney showcases the chaos that breaks out as a gigantic rat runs for its life. A Frontier Airlines employee with a dustpan attempts to corral the gigantic rodent several times. He is successful in getting the rat into the dustpan once, only to see the enormous rat hop out and continue running around. Undeterred, the passenger and staff member use a trash can to box in the rat, where another passenger swoops in with a jacket to finally capture the squirmy fellow. Meanwhile, in the background, you can hear blood-curdling screams mixed with laughter as innocent bystanders are shocked and amused at the size of the rat.

I haven’t seen chaos like this since Remy got busted by the health inspector in Ratatouille. It appears at the end of the video the rodent has been subdued unharmed.



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