Hilton Hotel Guest Shocked as Manager Caught Sucking Their Toes While They Slept

A Hilton hotel guest, Peter Brennan, woke up to the hotel night manager sucking his toes. The night manager at the Hilton Nashville Downtown, David Neal, had come to Brennan’s room the previous day to fix his TV. When Neal put Brennan’s toes in his mouth, that was enough to wake Brennan up. Brennan recognized Neal as the foot bandit. Shocked and startled, Brennan started to jump up and down and scream, confronting the foot bandit.

Gaining entrance to the room
Neal allegedly made a copy of Brennan’s room key and entered the room while Brennan was asleep, according to the police report. Neal said he entered Brennan’s room because he smelled smoke, though no other hotel staff nor security had been alerted to that fact. The room key has not been found, as Neal destroyed the evidence.

The night manager, David Neal, has been arrested and is currently in jail. Hilton has issued a statement condemning the actions and saying that guest safety and security is their top priority.

This is a frightening story of a hotel manager utilizing their ability to generate room keys to take advantage of a guest. I fortunately have never had a hotel employee illegally gain entrance to my room during a stay.

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