The Delta Airlines infant in lap rip off

Today I booked my next international trip. I used ITA Software to find the best flights and best price for me.

I went to Delta’s site to book the flight and could not find anywhere on the site to purchase a infant in lap ticket.

I called Delta and asked them how I can purchase this online. They informed me that unfortunately there was no way to purchase it online. I then asked if they would waive the $20 phone agent ticketing fee since there was no way to book online. They declined my request. 3 tickets and $60 later, I’m all booked and angry.

Is this just a Delta phenomenon or do other carriers do the same?



  1. Must just be Delta…I’ve booked both United and Frontier for infant-in-lap when traveling with the family. United makes it much easier than Frontier, and you still have to call to confirm it, but you can book online and they don’t charge you extra for it.

  2. Jason – My apologies for this situation. You should not have been charged the direct ticketing fee. Please follow-up with us on @DeltaAssist and we will make arrangements to get it refunded immediately. Thanks.

  3. I always book online and then call the airline to add a lap child. They just take the notation of the child’s name and it’s all done.

  4. Just got thru the nightmare that is flying with Delta with a child. There were no changing tables on a 9 hour international flight – and baby’s boarding pass was written with a ball point pen. Delta clearly does not want baby business- have flown with other airlines that were MUCH better with infants

  5. you can book ‘your’ tickets online and then call for the add-on – i’ve never been charged the add’l booking fee ($20) for adding an infant. for international travel, however, you are charged 10% of the paid adult fare + taxes and fees…at least that’s what we’ve had to pay historically. sorry you got the run-around. you know for next time!

  6. @kidtraveler is correct, at least for award tickets (with so many SkyPesos, I haven’t personally paid for a DL flight in ages). For awards, it is 10% of the full adult fare, which can be a lot of money especially if you are getting a biz class award ticket. This policy basically made me get an award seat for the baby – but, to be honest, it is probably better that way. Having a kid in your lap/arms for 9 hours can be really difficult, especially if they are over 1 year old. We’ve been to Europe twice with a baby (now toddler) and, after seeing some fellow parents struggle with their babies, we were glad that our child had a seat.

    DL is really bad about changing tables, since their equipment tends to be old. It is hit or miss whether the plane will have one on board (definitely stay away from the 757s). Sometimes all lavatories have changing tables, other times there is only 1 or 2, and then the ‘none at all’ situation. In the latter, the FA will probably give you some blankets to lay over the toilet (gross) or you can attempt to change the child in your seat (equally gross, but probably more so for the passengers around you).

  7. Swiss Air is amazing with infants and toddlers…I can’t say enough kind things!


  9. Is Delta 332 and 333 good for having kid in the lap? I am going to book international tickets having 9 hours journey in 2 flights each way, just heard that there are no baby changing tables in Delta flights, if not then my journey will be a painful for 18 hours each way, any thoughts? My baby is 18 months old and very naughty and moving.

  10. The delta website is stupid.
    It specifically asks “Number of passengers”
    Well that’s 3 : my wife and I and our baby!!
    Spent half an hour trying to figure out how to not pay for my baby’s seat!!
    In 2014 can a website not remove the seat once you have put in the birthdate and it is clear the passenger is <2?
    Come on people…

  11. Very confusing process! I ended up just booking on the website for the adults and then called customer service to add the infant. However, I later found you can do this yourself online by going to My Trips and adding the infant in the “SPECIAL SERVICES REQUESTS” section.

  12. I recently booked awards travel tickets online with children (twins) in arms. Booking was easy. Seat selection wasn’t. I had to call to select seats for some flights. It probably had to do with limited extra oxygen masks on regional jets.

    One thing I am disappointed about is that Delta website indicates it treats a diaper bag as the adult’s personal item. We recently flew Frontier, which allowed diaper bags as uncounted items.

  13. I have a return ticket from Syracuse to Ghana on the 16th April 2016, I have a baby am coming with and I want to carry him on my laps how do I go about it.

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