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The human pin cushion
Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya trip report – pre-trip
The flights
Coconut Grove
The rain forest
Nigeria Air and Sheraton
Flight problems and ATM fund
The trip home

The delay of our flight by 12 hours created some problems. I was now having to take an overnight flight and I had meetings scheduled the entire morning. On top of that, I can never sleep while flying in economy class. I knew it was going to be rough.

As we landed and were leaving the plane, a lady was trying to take the Kenya Airways branded blanket with her off of the plane. The purser was telling her that she needed to leave it on the plane and was not able to take it with her.

I grabbed my luggage at luggage claim and grabbed a taxi. The scene outside the airport was a much calmer atmosphere than in Lagos and the weather was perfect.

Five minutes outside the airport, we were met with a serious traffic jam. It took approximately two hours to get through the traffic jam to the hotel.

I had decided to stay at the Fairview hotel which is located very near to the Israeli embassy. In order to get to the hotel, you have to pass through the Israeli Embassy security checkpoint which added a layer of comfort knowing that security would be tight.

As I arrived around 10am, I was asked to have a seat in the lobby while they checked to see if a room was available. I wandered over to the breakfast area and decided to have breakfast.

The breakfast buffet included waffles, pancakes, an egg omelette station, breads, and crepes.

After breakfast, I was informed that my room was available. The room had a very clean look and the bed was really comfortable.

The bed

The bed


Sitting table

Sitting table


The desk area

The desk area




Bathroom area

Bathroom area

The rates were $140 a night and there were lots of people heading out to safaris staying at the hotel. There were also a lot of Swedes and Germans there.

The hotel allowed us to check out at 4 pm. Though I was only here a short amount of time, this is a hotel that I would recommend when staying in Nairobi as it was decently priced, had great rooms and food, and was safe.

I headed for more meetings until 7 pm where I then hailed a taxi. I was nervous about missing the flight home as it had taken two hours to get into town. Luckily traffic to the airport was only 30 minutes and I arrived in plenty of time.

The airport in Nairobi is much more modern than Lagos. I went to a grill restaurant at the far end of the airport and had almond croissants and grilled chicken with chips and fresh squeezed OJ. I stepped onto the KLM flight pretty much exhausted as I had about 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.

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