Priority Club Points for Surveys

Here are some free Priority Club Points for taking surveys.

100 points:
Answers are : C,D,B

100 points:
Answers are: D,A,D

300 points:
Answers are: D, D, D, D, C

Also, don’t forget to do daily check ins with Foursquare for 50 Priority Club points per day.

Thanks to View from the Wing


  1. 2 or 3 or 4 dip these. BTW, you can change the USA part of each of these to GBR, CHN, JPN and get them many times over 😉

    Some say PC will get you if you do this but you can spread them out 1x of each per week or month and get all the points (i did both all in one day last year in my and my wife account but who knows YMMV as well as your account!)

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