You’ve got to know when to hold them

I’m sitting in the spacious Malaysia Air lounge writing this quick update – after a four hour flight from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur – and an eight hour layover we’re about to board flight 4 of 5 – a quick four hour flight from KL to Male. Then it will be a quick boat ride to the former Holiday Inn – now called Trader’s Hotel. Holiday Inn stepped up and honored our previous award reservation that was cancelled during the brand change – well done Holiday Inn.

I spotted a lot of American restaurants here including a Kenny Roger’s Roasters? Do they even exist anymore in the US? Perhaps someone should inform the Malaysians that Kenny folded a long time ago?

This lounge has a full spread including a spa ( you have to pay).

I’m feeling great after 9 hours of sleep – I don’t even get that much at home – my wife is fading fast.

That’s all for now – next update from Male.

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