Mileage boost ending for some Delta American Express cards

For those of you who don’t pore over your American Express statement each month – there are some changes coming to some of the Delta American Express cards.

Starting January 1, 2012, Options, Classic, and Gold Delta American Express cards will no longer be eligible for the Mileage boost.

The mileage boost for the Delta American Express Gold card was 10,000 for a $25,000 annual spend.

You should reconsider whether a $95 annual fee for the Gold card is worth it anymore.

The Platinum and Reserve Delta American Express cards are unaffected.

Flyertalk discussion is here.


  1. If you’re spending enough to hit the boost, then the higher-priced cards might be a better choice anyway. If not, the newly-added Zone 2 boarding is a more valuable benefit, and the free bag remains.

  2. I disagree. In my opinion 5000 miles is more valuable than a silly priority seating “benefit” or 20% off services I never purchase.

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