300 Free Priority Club Points for a survey

Time for some more free Priority Club points! Go to this link http://usa-survey.priorityclub.com/mwpvwj and take a short survey. Enjoy!

The answers are:

Q. What benefits can you enjoy from your first day as a Priority Club Rewards member?
A. All of the above and more

Q. You can earn Priority Club points for stays at which of these hotels?
A. All of the above

Q. In addition to hotel stays, you can earn points or miles through:
A. All of the above and more

Q. How many hotels worldwide offer Priority Club points?
A. Over 4,300

Q. How many nights or points do you need to reach Platinum Elite status?
A. 50 nights or 60,000 points



  1. After getting the 300 points, I took the /mwpvwj off the link and refreshed. I completed another survey for 100 more points.

  2. This is an old one from 2010 :/ “You have already answered the quiz questions. Thank you for your participation. Keep your eyes open for our next bonus offer!”

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