Five US Citizens Flew from Colorado To Italy On A Private Jet And Were “Treated Like Criminals” When Refused Entry

The passengers on a private jet flying from Eagle County, Colorado to Sardinia, Italy were prevented from entering because of the EU ban on Americans entering the European Union. The plane had ten passengers onboard: five US citizens, two Brits, two Germans, an Italian, and a New Zealander.

They had flown from the United States to Italy despite the United States not being on the European Union’s safe list. The EU member states have agreed on a list of 15 non-EU safe countries: Algeria, Uruguay, Tunisia, Thailand, South Korea, Rwanda, Serbia, Morocco, New Zealand, Montenegro, Japan, Georgia, Canada, and Australia starting July 1st.

Flight route

““We have been treated as if we were criminals, it is not fair. Also, who will reimburse all the anticipated expenses and money? I’m talking about the double flight, about the money for the cars that were waiting for us outside the airport and the house. I have to go to my lawyer to find out what can be done. I want to ask for damages ” said Federica Fanari, the only passenger onboard from Italy.


Federica and her fellow passengers had a rented holiday house and were planning on visiting Sardinia to purchase a second home.

“”Yesterday afternoon everyone moved us to the general aviation hall of the airport, at least there we were able to eat something, we and our children. We proposed to the police, who told us that they had executed the orders they had received nationally, to submit to quarantine all together, in the house that I had booked in Villasimius. They were adamant, at 11pm we had to leave again ”

After being denied entry, they vowed to never return to Sardinia.

According to a report, local officials had offered to allow all of the non-US citizens entry into Sardinia after a quarantine but the group decided to stick together.

The passengers eventually got back on the plane and flew to Birmingham, England.


  1. Rich people wanting special treatment. I think they will find that if they agree to be whipped in public, people will pay at least $100 per lash to whip them,. Money they can use to defray costs.

    There is a lot of appetite for whipping rich people that think rules don’t apply to them.

  2. Did they think the ban on Americans entering Italy didn’t apply to them!
    What is wrong with these entitled people!

  3. Treated like criminals as they are. If anything, I think they and private airline company should be prosecuted for their actions by Italian and American authorities. Law is for everyone.

  4. “After being denied entry, they vowed to never return to Sardinia.”

    Current score is Sardinia: 1, the clueless travelers: 0.

  5. It must be Nice to feel so privileged and entitled to believe that these people as “special”. What the blazes do you think is going on? Are You ? You should All be thrown in Jail and have your children taken away.

  6. Self-entitled idiots, either too self absorbed to read world news or too self-important to think international laws apply to them.

  7. I agree with the above comments. Rich idiots are still idiots. Hell, in the picture provided the woman can’t even wear a mask right. My only regret is that they got sent back here.

  8. You can’t fix stupid and ignorant! Seriously, are these people living under a rock? Sounds like it couldn’t have happened to a more worthy group of entitled Americans.

  9. everyone will be made because the people were rich,well I say, stfu, too bad you poor losers, work harder, try harder, stop whining about all your failures you poor loser bitches.. more interested in what type of jet they flew into Sardinia, that runway is a shorty! I cant get my G in there on a dry day

  10. I don’t know what’s more stupid, the fact that they decided to fly to Italy knowing full well they were banned or the fact that chose to make public their stupidity?

    Self righteous, self entitled ass holes, what roll models did their children? The human race is doomed…..

  11. Lol, don’t blame the pilots, they do as they’re told by their “owners”… They have to kiss ass all the time or lose their jobs !!! Trust me, they were sure they would be able to stay because they were accompanied by Italian citizens !!! Guess they didn’t have enough money to successfully bribe Italian officials !!! Kudos to Italy !!! Too bad the UK let them in !!!

  12. It’s not just the Americans that were special./stupid The group decided to “stick together” and the Italian (and probably more) wants damages for deciding to do so. Did the others think that they could pressure the official into relenting? Lost that battle.

  13. The ban on US entering was set to end July 1. It was then extended 2 more weeks Yes they’re all stupid not double checking, but it wasn’t a blatant disrespect of the law.

  14. These stupid entitled pricks thought that the rules didn’t apply to them. I’m delighted that Sardinia had the courage and integrity to deny them entry. The threat from one of them that they’ll never set foot in Sardinia again Is I’m sure delighting all of Sardinia. I’m really surprised and disappointed that Birmingham England agreed to take them. I can only hope that they’re all in quarantine for 2 weeks. Americans are not allowed to travel to Britain. They must have a lot of money.

  15. Well, Italy is at least a democratic and fair country and didn’t put you in jail. You do that in the US, they will put you in cages! Stupid dumb Americans!

  16. Why do all of you assholes have to hate them because they have money? To me YOU are the idiots. Are you so jealous that you cheer when you see things like this happen? You dont know what they were thinking nor their intentions. You are some cold heartless bastards. Fuck all of you jealous fuckwads.

  17. Itly should of charged them a fine equal to the vaule of the second house they were there to purchuse ..

  18. STFU all you peasants !!!Don’t you all know covid 19. Doesn’t infect the upper class..

  19. As an American myself I agree with almost all of these comments. To the stupid rich people from Colorado….go f@ck yourself with a cactus!!

  20. That is the world we live in today. No wo der why there is so many.problems. Rich people think everyone should jump for them no matter what. Like everyone owes them something just BECAUSE they have money. Sad that the people who have money act like this. If they really wanted in they would have 14 quarantined . Oprah made her own best friend do it last week. Disgusting how these people act. Glad they were turned away. They arent stupid like the non wearing mask babies in the US

  21. What on earth were they thinking ? Read the news people money has no bearing on this situation

  22. All I hear are rich anerican idiots from everyone but the article states: The plane had ten passengers onboard: five US citizens, two Brits, two Germans, an Italian, and a New Zealander.
    So why is it just dumb Americans when it shows there were 10 dumb people of different nationalities involved??? Not all Americans are rude or expect special treatment, the majority of Americans are hard working middle and low class. The extremely wealthy from most countries all over the world expect special treatment and I am not saying I condone this, I am an American, but I am not an idiot! I will say we gave our fair share of idiots but so does everywhere else too.

  23. If they could pass the hardest test giving to mankind, you know the one that trump took, the one his been bracking about, and that no one but him is able to pass. Yes it goes like this. Person, women, men camera, tv. Then they are not stupid, they are as smart trump

  24. (Facepalm) self-righteous will always be self-righteous, sticking attempted sympathy with the words “laywer” at such an egregious act; a pathetic attempt at social media attention.

  25. To me, and believe me, I am not rich by a long shot, there seems to be so much hate about this article, it’s a shame there wasn’t more inquiries done before their flight, the subject should have been that there wasn’t enough information before they took off, we don’t need more hate, just because these people have money is not the problem, the problem is , we take it that because their rich this happened, we don’t know that, we jump at the chance to criticize them because they have money, grow up people, we are better then this.

  26. They think because they chartered a private plane rules don’t apply to them. Surely they were in touch with whoever was selling the house they were going to buy and told they couldn’t enter. I went to Italy in 2018 and that flight is LONG. I made sure all my ducks were in a row for our visit.
    Stupid, entitled rich people.

  27. Oh boo hoo. Poor babies! This is exactly what happens with people who think they are above the law. What the hell did they think would happen? Money can’t buy everything dear hearts

  28. Well at least we got them out of the US. Sorry England. This whole virus thing was caused by you white europeans and Trump who we now know approved the deployement of the virus to wipe out his opponents. When we get a black president again this won’t happen. BLM!!!

  29. It is amazing how entitled some people feel just because they are rich. This entitlement stops with the Covid-19 Virus!

  30. They should have been granted a 14 day quarantine … IN JAIL. Then they should have been forced to leave on the plane back to the original point of departure, where they should have had to spend another 14 days in jail to be quarantined. A travel ban is a TRAVEL BAN. No exceptions, no matter how much you can afford to try to skirt the system. The FAA should have never approved the flight plan in the first place.

  31. Economic shutdown is the biggest killer long term. Whoever they may be on the private jet, they have more probability of catching the virus than spreading it. On top of that, they have more access to healthcare if they need it. They would not be a burden to the local community. They would only help it for years to come. I would take my jet and fly to the nearest friendly nation to spend my money.

  32. EU citizens had a travel ban going to the US back in march why do these idiots think they can come to europe as and when they like and spread covid should have done their homework before buying tickets

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