My meeting with Rick Ingersoll, The Frugal Travel Guy

This week I was able to have lunch with Rick Ingersoll, The Frugal Travel Guy thanks to reader Ivan who set it up for all three of us to meet in Park City, Utah.

I have always been a fan of Rick’s blog. He has always written in a down to earth tone as he has tried to help countless others join our hobby. In 2008, he helped patiently walk me through my first credit card churn by answering a myriad of questions for me and helped guide me through the best credit cards to apply for.

It was interesting to hear him recount how he first started blogging and how the field was a little less crowded then and some of the challenges and opportunities that he has now.

The most important thing I took away was the importance of person to person networking. I have never been to a Frequent Flyer University or the Chicago Seminars but after spending an hour and a half with Rick in which he shared a couple of great tips that I had not been aware of – I realized how important building a network of like minded frequent fliers is.

Thanks again Rick and Ivan for a great lunch and for great conversation about this great hobby that we’re all obsessed with!


  1. I agree that Rick has probably helped alot of newbies. My problem is all the advertising and recaps of all the trips. Usually if I’m interested in a place I do my own research. His content is aimed at someone starting out not the experienced traveler. Not knocking him just my slant.

  2. Lucky you! Rick is a pioneer in the miles and points blogging space. We, as travel bloggers, all kind of follow in his footsteps, and he’s always been really supportive of others.

    I’m looking forward to attending my first Chicago Seminar this fall and can’t wait to meet him!

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