1. My Hilton HHonors account number was also not eligible for this promotion. I did not sign up for this specific promotion previously but I have used Topguest before. Not sure if that is the reason why I’m not eligible.

  2. There was another Hilton FB promo a few months ago with a different brand. It’s possible if you did that (and I did, and I’m blocked) you can’t do this. My wife signed up fine for this one.

  3. mine too. I have never registered with DT before. Used Hampton promo few days back thouhg.

  4. I emailed HHonors about this and got the following reply:

    User must have an active Topguest™ member account in order to participate in this offer.

    For Topguest members that are not members of the Hilton HHonors program, a one-time enrollment bonus of five hundred (500) HHonors Points (“Enrollment Bonus”) will be awarded when the Topguest member signs up for the HHonors program.

    The Topguest member must sign up for HHonors through the Topguest website or using the Topguest prompt in order to receive the Enrollment Bonus;

    or Topguest members that received the Topguest prompt upon digitally checking-in to a DoubleTree property in the United States, the Enrollment Bonus is given in lieu of, and not in addition to, the fifty (50) HHonors Bonus Points awarded for a digital check-in. Only first-time enrollments in Hilton HHonors are eligible for the Enrollment Bonus.

    Topguest members who are HHonors members but have not linked their Topguest accounts to their HHonors account are not eligible for the Enrollment Bonus.

    With the exception of the Enrollment Bonus, a Topguest member may only receive 50 HHonors Bonus Points per calendar day, regardless of the number of digital check-ins completed at DoubleTree hotels that calendar day.

    Topguest member will receive fifty (50) HHonors Bonus Points for each digital “check-in” to any DoubleTree property worldwide.
    A digital check-in does not require a paid stay or purchase at a DoubleTree property.

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