Earn 8 miles by buying dollar coins

I received an offer through email from the Littleton Coin Company. They were offering an 8 Coin Set of Native American Dollars for $8 with free shipping.

My heart started to beat a little faster….. perhaps there was a reincarnation of the Dollar Coin deal from the Mint?

I tried to add quantity of 999 since the form wouldn’t take 1000.

Unfortunately, they’ve capped the maximum at 1, so feel free to earn 8 miles on this deal 🙂


  1. You missed the part where they will send you fascinating selections that you have to send back within 15 days to avoid purchasing them too….

    Bit of a hassle if you ask me, 😉

  2. Actually, I found where you can still order 500 and 250 ct boxes of $1 coins from the US mint, AND pay with credit card, but they tack on a $25 premium per box and quite a bit of shipping. Probably better than 8 miles, but not worth it IMO.

  3. @Jason – from what I understand the Mint has about $2 billion of coins left. Strange they basically price people out of it.

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