American Airlines agent was on no fly list

The headline is as bizarre as the headlines from the newspaper Weekly World News that used to be there as you check out of the grocery store. “60 year smoker dies choking on nicotine gum” or “Cannibal wins baby back rib contest by using real baby back ribs”

Luis Montano, who worked as a gate agent and baggage handler for thirteen years for American Airlines, suddenly found himself included on the do not fly list in August. His boss sent him home after the revelation.

Luis tried for weeks unsuccessfully to find out information from TSA and Homeland Security as to why his name was on the list. Only after being contacted by NBC6 in Miami did the Homeland Security clear him from the list.

A business colleague of mine always has trouble whenever he tries to fly. Someone with the exact same name as him is on the do not fly list. Every time he goes to check in for a flight, the agent gets an alarmed look on their face and excuses themselves to make a call away from my colleague. After 15-20 minutes they return and apologize for the delay and explain that his name appeared on the do not fly list.

Luis is still waiting to have his security clearance reinstated by American Airlines and has not been able to return to work.


  1. God bless the TSA. They are PROTECTING US, right? In truth, they are a bunch of seriously over paid fools that would not understand a truly serious threat if it bit them on the behind. That’s at the policy level; at the gate level, welcome to a gaggle of high school drop outs who’ve been given a badge. “At my gate, I am the law…” and I suppose that it makes them feel important and powerful. The few ‘threats’ that they catch pale when compared to the serious threats that they miss. Why? They have no brains, no education and even less job-related training: the vast majority simply have no clue – but they DO enjoy the sense of power. $Billions wasted and virtually nothing accomplished, but we continue to pay these folks. TSA is a lot less than the Depression era WPA and similar make-work projects, because the h ave nothing to show for their ‘work.’ At least WPA and similar created a body of work that has become part of our culture. I guess TSA is there as well, but I fail to see their cultural value. One example, please…

  2. @aadvantagegeek, the issue has yet to be resolved!
    “Luis is still waiting to have his security clearance reinstated by American Airlines and has not been able to return to work. “

  3. Wow, it’s a shame that it takes intervention by the media for his TSA and Homeland Security to resolve the issue.

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