1. @GetTo…it took a few mins. for me but it did work. Guess they have alot of traffic to get the points.

  2. Nope. I left the windows open for an hour in IE and FF.
    Couldn’t go to the page on my iPhone either. bummer.

  3. Finally worked for me in IE just now, after spinning its wheels forever. Never could get it to load in FF. Thanks!

  4. When I entered my account info, the video loaded within a minute (using Chrome), but after the video finished, it said my account balance was 0, and I would earn xx,xxx miles if I applied for the card. Logged into my account, and no 1000 points 🙁

  5. @Jason – i sure appreciate you posting this. I was working on a post about this and have the 80 video I was going to use. SD is saying it is a one time code and I thank the monkey from last time with all the working codes. Everyone should know all seem to be able to get the for 80,000 PC points card to work (at lease all reports are it is working). So, with a churn on the way, if you have not had it, it is a great deal! – Rene

  6. I was able to see the video using Firefox but the link it gave me afterwards offered 60,000 points, not 80,000. The links here to the 80,000 give an application, but no cover page with the specifics. Can someone post a link or screen shot of the details for the 80,000 points offer? Anyone know how long the 80,000 will be around? Thanks.

  7. @Elaine – the link above is the one those who are tarted with after seeing the 80k video goes to. There is a long FT post about all using it getting the 80. YMMV but so far results are good.

  8. @ Delta Points – thanks!
    Meanwhile, my points total with Priority Club has not gone up by 1000 points yet – about 12 hours since I watched the video.

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