How to get lots of free Dunkin’ Donuts

As a child, my dream was to become a Dunkin’ Donuts store manager. In fact, my parents bought me a little toy box of Dunkin Donuts that I still have today.

Dreams of chocolate iced donuts

Dreams of chocolate iced donuts

So I pretty excited to see a new American Express Sync offer for $5 off of $5 at Dunkin Donuts. Remember, each authorized user on each account is eligible for these offers.

My preferred method for taking advantage of these deals is through Twitter due to the ease of it. I’ve set up a separate Twitter user account for each American Express authorized user and then I send a mass tweet via TweetDeck, in this case #amexdunkindonuts. If you haven’t done this yet, I encourage you to do it quickly as these deals disappear quickly or you can do it via American Express website or app.

The key to maximizing this deal, though, is to purchase Dunkin Donut gift cards. Here is how I’ve been adding $5 per authorized user.

Step 1. Download the Dunkin Donuts app
Step 2. Click on “Gift” at the bottom
Step 3. Enter in $5 in the “other amount” section. Select either text or email as your delivery option.
Step 4. Enter in your synced American Express card to pay for the $5 card
Step 5. Receive the text or email.
Step 6. Click on it and it will take you back to the Dunkin Donuts app where your $5 will be applied to your account
Step 7. Repeat the process for all of your authorized users

Enjoy a lot of donuts!



  1. Another way to get a free donut (or small soft-serve cone from Baskin Robbins if they’re on premises) – every receipt comes with a little survey to take online, and you get a code good for one of the above with the purchase of a medium or larger beverage, valid in the same store only. I go there almost daily for iced tea ($1.49 for a large in my area), so this is a pretty sweet deal for me.

    I just signed up for my first AmEx card, due in the mail any day now. I’ve already clicked on this offer in my online account info 🙂

  2. What happens if you don’t see the offer under your card? If you tweet the hashtag will it still work?

  3. How are you able to add another $5 after the first round? Online and on the app it will only allow me to add another $10 minimum.

  4. @pointie – reread the post. You’re send a gift to an email address which then you can add to your own account

  5. Opps! Sorry – thank you – you just helped me get another $5 for free 🙂

  6. Wow! The credit already posted to your account too?! That’s fast!

    I’ve been holding off on moving past syncing the deal on our cards because I don’t need that many donuts all at once.

    Yay for a free $80 worth of Dunkin!

  7. 99 cents for the app! Never heard of a store charging to buy their app. That’s crazy.

  8. So each time you purchase a new gift card in the app, instead of reload the 1st purchased gc? Can I combine these gc later, as I will be having 8 gcs..

  9. @andy – yes new gift because reload is minimum $10. You can’t combine later but all 8 will appear in your app so you can just each one as you pay

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