Convert your Coke Rewards points to Priority Club points

There is actually a rewards program called Coke Rewards where you earn points by redeeming codes printed on Coke products. The codes are located under caps, inside the 12 pack cartons, and on multi-pack wraps. An example of point values are:

1. 3 points for a 20 ounce bottle
2. 12 points for a 12 pack of 12 ounce cans
3. 20 points for a 24 pack of 12 ounce cans
4. 25 points for a 32 pack of 12 ounce cans

There is a special offer right now to redeem 630 points for 2,000 Priority Club Reward points.

I’m usually a geek in regards to rewards points, but having to enter in codes from a 20 ounce bottle for a measly 3 points exceeds my threshold. For those of you who have been collecting Coke Rewards points and looking for redemption possibilities, this might be one for you.


  1. You can only claim one reward. There is a thread on milepoint about this.
    Also make sure to grab the current coppertone bonus code for double points on 12 packs.
    This program is a pain in the rear but it does pay some dividends if you don’t value the time involved. The biggest problem is the lack of enough hotel or airline miles or points that MCR makes available and they also cap how many times you can redeem.

  2. Oh I forgot there also is a limit if 120 points you can enter per week to add insult.

  3. Offer is gone. Funny cause it said previously on the Coke site that you should redeem by 11/30/13. Gone as of yesterday.

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