Trip report – Rome, Italy and London, England – the Trip Over

1. Trip Over
2. Sightseeing in Rome Day 1
3. Sightseeing in Rome Day 2
4. Review of Boscolo Palace Roma in Rome
5. Review of Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center
6. Review of Rome Marriott Park Hotel
7. Review of Holiday Inn Camden Lock
8. Food in London
9. Activities in London

When my wife and I set off on vacations, it usually involves a beach and a remote destination. Sightseeing has it’s moments, but I would much rather just relax and not having to run around on a schedule. For this trip, however, we decided that we would see a lot of sites as Rome and London have a lot to offer in the way of cool and historical places to visit.

Our routing was SLC – ATL – FCO

Our airplane routing

Our airplane routing

Our outbound flight from Salt Lake City to Atlanta was on a 757-200 with a 3 and 3 configuration in Economy. Our entertainment on the flight was an overhead screen showing some random movie and some boring TV shows

There's trouble on the set of Blossom

There’s trouble on the set of Blossom

The flight went just fine and when we landed in Atlanta, we looked around for a place to eat due to our long layover. We found The Varsity which they’re famous catch phrase “What’ll ya have?” I usually try to avoid loading up on greasy food right before a long flight – but how can you turn down onion rings? I’ll take a side order of heart disease, please.

The famous Varsity

The famous Varsity

Deep fried goodness

Deep fried goodness

The flight to Rome from Atlanta was also non eventful. When we landed in Rome, we grabbed our luggage and took a taxi to Boscolo Palace Roma. We choose the Boscolo due to it’s location near downtown and because I had some excess Marriott points to burn.

Due to our early arrival, our room wasn’t ready and so we stored our luggage and headed out to see some sights. I don’t usually sleep on planes anyways and walking around in the daylight is really the only chance I have to stay awake when I first arrive.


  1. Any reason you didn’t take the $11 euro train from the train station at FCO airport?

    Also, how is this properties location to the subway? The subway/termini offer a ton of options for transit.

  2. Jason, Nice report on your dose of Romatherapy. I would suggest that when you post a trip like this one that you indicate the time of year you traveled. Obviously this is not a winter holiday. We were just in Rome for a great week and believe me, we were not wearing shorts.

  3. Good afternoon from Amsterdam! I’m headed to Rome next week and spending a few nights by the central train station. Let me know what you recommend seeing and eating. Have a great trip!

    • @Grant – I would recommend Katie Parla’s Rome app for food. She’s basically hit every place worth noting and you can filter by cost, distance, etc. We went to a place called Ristorante da Giovanni (Via a. salandra, 1 – Roma) that we thought was well priced and quite good. Restaurants are required by law to put in English / Italian whether the food is made from frozen or not – you’d be surprised how many around the hot tourist spots actually serve frozen rather than fresh and charge fresh prices.

      As far as things to see, Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps.

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