A non-luxurious hotel concept to support the needy

Fakthum Hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden has an interesting hotel concept. Their “rooms” are ten places where homeless people might spend the night. You can book them online like any hotel with the money going towards their work for the homeless and vulnerable people. You won’t be able to actually stay at the “rooms” but instead will be giving money to a worth cause.

Here are examples of six of the end rooms.

Room 1: Located in Haga park it’s close to Haga’s church.


Room 2: This “room” boasts of the sounds of Mölndal River rushing by near the desolate paper mill.


Room 3:


Room 4: Elk and deer can be seen grazing nearby.


Room 5:


Room 6:


If you would like to book a room and support the homeless, please do so at their website.

Photos courtesy of Faktum Hotels

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