Gate8 trifold luggage giveaway contest

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the Gate8 trifold cabin bag.


Benefit booklet

Benefit booklet

While this great bag is currently out of stock on their website, I’m happy to give this one away to a lucky commenter. In order to win this bag, leave an answer to this question in the comment sections: “When flying economy, do you prefer a window, middle, or aisle seat?

I will randomly select one of the comments on June 6th. This contest is only open to US based participants as I’m not keen to ship this bag outside the US.


  1. I prefer a window seat since I can lean on the wall of the plane or the window and try to sleep. I also control the windowshade that way! Some people still don’t get it that you are supposed to sleep or at least rest on the way to Europe from the USA!

  2. I prefer an aisle seat when I fly economy….just that little bit more room to stretch the legs.

  3. Always on the aisle. Easy access to the bathroom or overhead bin. Just have to be certain to mind my elbows of the cart.

  4. I prefer window so I control the window shade and don’t have to get up for someone to get through.

  5. I like the aisle seat so I don’t have to bother anyone when I go to the bathroom.

  6. Prefer the aisle seat in economy. Easier exit access & to the overhead bin.
    Pick me please – my present bag needs to be replaced ?

  7. Daytime short flight = window. Longer than three hours = aisle. Planning to sleep = window.

  8. The window seat. You aren’t bothered and you can use the side of the plane as a pillow!

  9. I vastly prefer the window seat. I used to be terrified of flying but I’ve learned that if I can see what is going on I feel better about the movements of the plane. I also like not having to worry about people needing to get up and move past you after you’ve settled in.

  10. Usually the aisle but I will take a window closer to the front over an aisle in the far back, especially if I hope to sleep.

  11. Window- makes a great head rest for naps and no one crawling over me – granted I do try to be nice and find a convenient time to get up when other people in my row are.

  12. I like the aisle seat so I can take wing pics and rest my head up against the plane

  13. I go window, I feel like I can be less out of people’s way and I don’t really use the bathroom as often as some.

  14. Aisle seat for me, I like not having to bother someone if I want to get up and stretch my legs.

  15. Depends on the length of the flight, but I usually go for the window. Thanks for the contest!

  16. Shorter duration flight, I prefer the window, anything longer than an hour or so, and I like the aisle.
    Flying with my husband, he always wants the window!

  17. Aisle for sure because 1. If plane goes down I can get out faster 2. If I need to use the lavatory I don’t have to feel bad for waking someone up 3. Just like the aisle

  18. Window, definitely. Need to be able to rest my head when sleeping and also to look outside.

  19. Usually window because I like to look out and watch the take off and landing portions of the flight.

  20. Aisle for several reasons, not the least of which is the EASY ability to stand and stretch a bit when the seatbelt sign is off.

  21. Definitely window seat. I try to take care of “business” before getting on the plane, so that I can minimize the need of using the lavatory. 🙂

  22. Aisle. I occasionally get leg cramps, and when I do, I need to leap to my feet immediately. Can only do that in the aisle set.

  23. I prefer a window seat. I’m not interrupted as much and I can lean my head against the window to sleep.

  24. Since I’m 6’4″, I always take the aisle since I need as much legroom as I can get!

  25. Window – I tend not to get up much during flights, and I’d prefer not to sit in the aisle and get up each time the passengers in the window and middle seats would like to move around

  26. Aisle just to be able to get off the plane as quickly as possible if I’m flying solo.

    If I’m flying with my wife, I usually take the middle and she’ll take the aisle since she likes to get up to go the restroom a lot.

  27. Aisle. Even though you can get nudged/smacked by people walking by, it provides the most room. I tend to get a little claustrophobic in the middle or window seats.

  28. I prefer an aisle seat as at 6’2″ I wish to get up and stretch when possible even so the traffic in the aisle can be annoying some times.

  29. I usually travel with my husband these days and he hates motion sickness if he can’t look out at the horizon. So, he gets window and I get the aisle.

  30. While flying economy I prefer to sit next to my husband. Even though he is 6’8″ (although he says he is shrinking) he LOVES to sit by the window because he likes looking out the window……really?? Unfortunately that puts me in the dreaded MIDDLE seat. I also make room for one of his size 16 feet to share my side of the floor too. With that said, I always inform the person sitting in front of him, that if they recline their seat, they may hear a blood curdling scream. Yes, I am truly the “good wife”!

  31. Aisle for shorter flights, but for a domestic red-eye or international travel, definitely the window to lean against and sleep. Also, you don’t have people climbing over you to get up and aisle walkers who knock against the seat.

  32. Window seat for me! Easier to lean against…and who doesn’t like the view?

  33. I would always try to get the aisle since it is easy to get in & out specially on long flight when we need to go to the rest room

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