Save 20% on gas via Home Depot

There currently is an American Express offer of a one time $15 statement credit off a $75 cumulative purchase at Home Depot by June 30, 2014. Registration is required.

My preferred method for registering is to tweet #AmexHomeDepot through your American Express synced twitter accounts. Each authorized user on each account is eligible for these offers if you tweet from each separate synced account. You can also load it through, and click on “Offers for You”. I installed the TweetDeck plugin for Chrome and have loaded all my Twitter accounts so that I can tweet one time for all accounts.

You certainly could use this offer to purchase Home Depot gift cards. However, I always try to use these deals on items that I’m already purchasing in order to maximize savings. At Home Depot, there is a gift card aisle. My Home Depot carries gas gift cards from Shell and Esso in denominations of $25 and $50. These gas gift card purchases (and any other gift card purchase) count as a purchase for this promotion.

$75 of Shell Gas Cards

$75 of Shell Gas Cards

The best part is you can go through the self checkout to do this transaction which makes using multiple cards for multiple transaction painless and easy.

There is a Shell station nearby where I live and therefore I will be purchasing over $1000 in gas gift cards in order to save 20% off gas this summer.


  1. 13 authorized users total over 4 accounts???

    How does this work? Sorry if this was covered already but I do not understand.

    • @Frank Doyle – each card account can have 5 cards on it. Therefore I have myself, my wife, my mom, her mom, etc, etc.

      I sent up an American Sync Twitter account for each authorized user and then when these deals come up, load the offer to each card and therefore have 14 opportunities to take part in it. So this last go around I’ve had $5 off $5 at Dunkin Donuts, $5 off $30 at Exxon, and $15 off $75 * 14 times.

  2. is this only for certain accounts? was on the site and am not seeing it for either my starwood or platinum account.

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