Review of Moscow Marriott Tverskaya

The Moscow Marriott Tverskaya is in the mid range of expensive hotels in Moscow averaging about $300 a night. The location of this hotel is the biggest plus with it being on the main Tverskaya boulevard close to the Belarusskaya subway station for easy transport to Red Square and other sites. Also, the Aeroexpress airport train runs from Sheremetyevo airport and is a 40 minute journey costing only 400 rubles (around $11) and most importantly bookable online in advance to avoid the awkwardness of trying to by a ticket at the window by gesticulating. It’s quite the improvement from the last time I visited Moscow where your only option was a $50 cab ride.

Aeroexpress, a time and cost saver

Aeroexpress, a time and cost saver

I booked a standard room and was very pleased with the comfortable, roomy accommodations. The bed was soft and comfortable and as I mentioned earlier, a very quiet stay.










The workout room is open early in the morning and I was the only one there the entire time. I do always find it difficult to exercise while traveling as I’m battling jet lag and an inert desire to be lazy. I did try to exercise on this trip.










There is a good mix of treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and weight lifting machines. There were plenty of TVs there as well though the feed was solely Russian television shows.

Breakfast was on the expensive side at $30 per person but had a nice variety of things to choose from.
It failed my orange juice test where they served some off brand concentrate mixture rather than fresh squeezed. For a buffet at this cost, it really is a must.


There were lots of choices for ingredients for freshly made omelets.





This was the sitting area outside the rooms. There was complete quiet the entire time I stayed which was a bonus.



Other benefits of this location are the numerous amount of eateries within walking distance.

We're lovin' it

We’re lovin’ it

I would recommend Goodman’s steakhouse which is a very delicious steakhouse with a lot of variety within a 5 minute walk of the hotel down Tverskaya street.


  1. I’ve stayed at the Marriot Aurora which is nearby and a similar property, similar prices at least. I happened to be in Russia during the forest fires, which was in 2010 or 2011. It was not a pleasant time I can tell you that much, you could not breathe it was that bad, the smell seeped into the hotel, which had a huge glass Atrium, after one night I moved to the Ritz carlton which was much better, air quality wise, also a much better hotel.

    I am not surprised that the hotel is quiet, seeing how Russia’s relationship with the world is at the moment lol I love Russia, but I won’t risk going to places with conflict of potential conflict, just makes good sense. I still remember there was a bombing at the airport not long after I left Moscow…. Russia is a dangerous place in times of relative peace…

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