Trapped in Tahiti?

I was supposed to be flying back from Tahiti on Air France this morning. Everyone had boarded the plane and we were awaiting our takeoff when the pilot announced over the intercom that we needed to get off the plane due to a fuel problem. They asked us to take all of our belongings with us.

Underneath the plane is a large pool of fuel. There are also fire trucks on the runway.

The interesting thing is – what happens now? Is it something that can be easily fixed? Do they risk flying us over the Pacific with a possible fuel issue? It’s not like they have a spare plane anywhere nearby either.

Perhaps I’ll be trapped in Tahiti for a couple of additional days which possibly could be the most awesome delay ever.


  1. That is awesome! Does that mean AF will be paying for that overwater bungalow? 😉 Seriously though, either way I think that is an awesome delay. I am curious what does the AF business class look like on their planes that fly to Tahiti?

  2. @joey – the flight had been cancelled and they’re assigning overnight accommodations. The folks in front of me were being assigned to Radisson. When she saw my Delta Platinum status she pulled out a seperate sheet assigning me to the Le Meridian!

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