A floating snowflake hotel in Norway

The architecture firm Dutch Docklands is planning to build a floating 5 star hotel in Tromsø, Norway. The hotel is called The Krystall and would have 86 rooms.

The hotel is set to open in December 2016 and will feature glass roofs to get the picturesque view of the Northern Lights.

The floating star hotel

The floating star hotel

Access to the hotel will only be boat as it will be in the middle of water. The hotel won’t sway in the water either as it will be attached to cables to the bottom of the water.

This same architecure firm has also conceptualized a floating hotel in the Maldives called Greenstar.


Given the Norway / Sweden rivalry, I can see how Norway might want to try and trump the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. This may be a step in the right direction in a cool concept hotel.

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