A fortress is built around the Salt Lake City Sheraton for President Obama’s visit

President Obama came to Salt Lake City last night and stayed at the Salt Lake City Sheraton. This was the first time he has visited Utah in his presidency and the focus of his visit was to announce some solar energy programs. He was here for less than 16 hours total.

In order to add more security for his visit, the Utah Transit Authority made a wall around the Sheraton with 16 city buses.

Locally most folks wanted to know why President Obama wouldn’t have stayed at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City or any of the fine properties in Park City. The speculation is due to the short notice of his visit, the Sheraton happened to have more rooms available then the Grand America Hotel.

However, several locals took to Twitter to pan his decision to stay at the Sheraton.

As a heavily Republican state, some folks were ready to see the President leave.


  1. When George W. Bush was president, he came to my city. He stayed overnight at the Radisson. No, the streets were not blocked off nor barricades erected. There were a couple of SS agents out in the street to stop anyone trying to turn into the hotel’s driveway.

    If President Obama’s team thinks the way this was handled in SLC is a legitimate way to handle presidential security, and not a gross overreach, then they are nuts IMHO.

  2. @ Joseph….you’re an idiot to think that Obama’s leadership had anything to do with the level of security in Salt Lake City over W’s. Different times. Simple as that.

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