Twins separated at birth – reunited again

I was watching TV the other night and a documentary called “Twin Sisters” was on.

Twin Sisters is the story of two couples, one from a small, remote fishing town called Fresvik, Norway and one from California who are each looking to adopt a child from China.



Each of the couples at different times go to the orphanage and are in the adoption process. The Norwegian family missed there bus and had to wait for the bus to come back just as the next group of Americans arrived.

The two families were standing next to each other and noticed that each of their adoptive children looked very similar and therefore they decided to exchange contact information.

Each of the families returned to their respective countries with their daughters and began to live their separate lives but kept in contact with each other.

Eventually the families did DNA testing and found that these two children were in fact Twin Sisters. The families then arranged for a meeting with the American family come to rural Norway to meet for the first time.




The stark difference with one child speaking Norwegian but no English and the other speaking American English but no Norwegian was stunning. Within minutes, though, there is an instant bond as the two children, reunited for the first time as kids.

I highly recommend you watch this documentary about two children living on opposite ends of the Earth but still having a bond between them as sisters.

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