Marriott Rewards Points expire when you don’t have activity for 24 months

Marriott hotels points expire when there is two years without any activity.

Marriott considers the following actions as activity:
* A paid or redemption stay at their hotels
* Redeeming points
* Earning points with one of their partners
* Making a purchase with a Marriott Rewards Credit Card
* Purchasing points
* Holding a meeting or event

The following does not count as activity and will not extend your expiration:
* Gifting or transferring points
* Receiving points as a gift or transfer
* Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints

If you haven’t stayed at a Marriott in a while, I would recommend logging into your account to check when the last time you had any activity. It’s also a good time to signup for Award Wallet to track your points and expiration automatically.

At this point, the fastest way to extend your expiration if you’re in danger of losing your points is to buy points which will cost you $12.50 for 1,000 points.


  1. If I cancel an award stay, do the redeposited points count as activity to extend the expiration?

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