Free Gold Status with the Starbucks Member Rewards program

Starbucks if offering 1 year of their Gold Status for new and existing Starbucks Rewards members. If you’re already a Gold member, you will receive an additional year of Gold Status. Simply do the following:

1) Make an In-Store or Online Purchase with the free Starbucks App before May 2nd.

Gold Level members get a personalized gold card, monthly double star days, a star reward every 125 stars. You also will get a free Birthday Reward on your birthday for joining the Starbucks Rewards program.

Starbucks recently changed their Starbuck Rewards member program to a revenue based program. You now will earn two Stars for every dollar spent on coffee, food, drink, merchandise and more. A free item now will take $62.50 in purchases. In the prior program, you received a star per purchase regardless of dollar amount.

There was also a perpetual Star earning trick in the previous program. I will be testing out this same trick with the new program to see if it still works.



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