Swedish people are waiting to talk to you about their country

Sweden is a country with a relatively small population of 9.5 million people and yet they’ve done a fantastic job of marketing themselves both domestically and internationally.

They’ve also exported music at the highest rate per capita of any other country. For decades, Swedish artists like ABBA, Europe, Eagle Eye Cherry, The Cardigans, Peter Bjorn and John, Robyn, Roxette, bob hund, Lykke Li, Tove Lo, Swedish Houste Mafia and Avicii have found success on international music charts.

The enterprising Swedes have come up with another brilliant project – to be the first country in the world with its own phone number. At The Swedish Number, you can be connected to a random Swede and talk about anything. The Swedes are able to register as an ambassador and therefore be connected to the pool of folks who’s phone will ring when you call. You, therefore,could speak to someone from down south in Malmö or way up north in Umeå.

Some potential questions you could ask: why has the Döner Kebab become such a popular food item in Sweden?

The kebab jätte rulle at Hageby Grillen in Norrköping

The kebab jätte rulle at Hageby Grillen in Norrköping

Why do Swedes like to have meat and cheeses on open face sandwiches for breakfast?

The breakfast of champions

The breakfast of champions

If you live in the following ten countries – you don’t even have to pay for an international call, you can simply dial this local number to be connected to someone in Sweden.

The United Kingdom – +442038089899
Denmark – +4570806160
Poland +48222922333
USA +13012760600
Brazil +556135500700
Germany +4932221096868
France +33974483777
Netherlands +31852085000
Finland +358753266266
Norway +4781511558

I decided to try it and call the number and Klaus from Stockholm picked up the phone. I asked Klaus what made him decide to answer calls from random people in the world. He said that he saw a post on Facebook regarding it and registered for the service but he didn’t think anyone would actually call. He had already received two calls today and he said he had talked to someone earlier in the day from Wales. He also said that his favorite Swedish holiday in Midsummer.

If you decide to call, remember that Sweden is 5-8 hours ahead of the United States depending on your time zone. Post your experience in the comments!


  1. I love it. Fun stuff. But the sandwich, it should be meat OR cheese (or cheese and jam) but not both like over here 😉

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