T-Mobile offers unlimited 4G data in Europe and free Gogo wi-fi for everyone

Traveling internationally can wreak havoc on your cell phone bill with high fees and data charges. T-mobile is boldly offering unlimited 4G high speed data to it’s customers from July 1st through August 31st throughout Europe. For Simple Choice customers that means you can use all the data you want in Europe at no additional cost. You don’t even need to signup or call the company for this benefit – it will be automatically added for all Simple Choice customers.

In addition, from June 24th to June 26th, all passengers regardless of their cell phone carrier, can get one free hour of Wi-fi on any of the flights with the GoGo service.

The instructions are:
1. Turn on your Wi-Fi
2. Open your browser and click on the T-Mobile banner on the Gogo landing page.
3. You will now be able to use Wi-Fi free for an hour

If you’re planning on traveling to Europe this summer, it would be beneficial to look into taking part of these plans in order to save on data and roaming charges during your trip.


  1. Isn’t that a T-Mobile default? I’ve been traveling all over the world with free international data roaming for a while now

  2. This is great news! I used my Simple Choice plan last summer in about 6 European nations…slow but unlimited data for just $20/month. This summer that automatically changes to fast and unlimited data for the same $20/month.

    I really don’t envy the other American cell carriers if they try to compete with this deal, which is also no-contract.

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