Coming soon to a flight near you – body cams

There has been a host of recent videos of airline staff behaving badly.

* Dr David Dao dragged from a United flight bloodied

* passenger beaten by IndiGo staff on the tarmac

* British Airways hostess saying racist comments about passengers

In all of these instances it is the passengers who have been filming the crew.

For the airline crew, however, they encounter lots of incidents involving passengers behaving badly. Some airlines are considering equipping staff with body cams, similar to what police officers wear in order to document the events leading up to the escalation.

I personally wouldn’t mind if airline crews starting wearing cameras as I know that the majority of staff go out of their way to make flying a pleasant experience and it would interesting to see the other side of the story.

For the passengers, however, it would be a major shift in culture to have people filming them the entire flight and the push back from a public relations standpoint may ultimately doom the project.

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