I’m in Hawaii and we just had a missile threat notification

I’m currently in Hawaii and just got the notification of a missile threat to Hawaii.

We were all instructed to head to the ballroom by the hotel staff.

The mood was a combination of disbelief and real panic.

We were refreshing CNN and other news outlets trying to understand the latest.

Rumors began to spread that it was a hoax or a mistake.

However the message specifically said that it wasn’t a drill.

We finally hear via twitter from the representative from Hawaii that there is no threat after 20 minutes.

It is interesting that we weren’t told by the same alert system that the threat had dissipated.

Years ago my wife and I went through estate planning. We created a will and a trust with life insurance on both of us in case of a unfortunate accident. We have minor children at home. Please make sure your affairs are in order. It breaks my heart when people post GoFundMe campaigns because a spouse has been lost. A will only costs $50. Please do what’s best for you and your family.

Thank you and safe travels to all of you in 2018.

Update: 8:50 am- a message saying it was a false alarm just came through


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