Review: Quality Hotel Ålesund

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We landed in Ålesund about 4 pm. I walked over to the rental car counter to get our rental car from Hertz. I have President’s Circle status thanks to my Platinum status with Delta Airlines. They upgraded my car from a compact Toyota Auris stick shift to a manual Audi A3. I haven’t driven a stick shift in over 15 years and so I was very happy with the upgrade.

I drove from the Vigra airport to the Quality Hotel Ålesund. There are two Quality Hotels in Ålesund – Quality Hotel Waterfront and Quality Hotel Ålesund. We choose Quality Hotel Ålesund because of the reviews that highlighted the abundance (by Norwegian standards) of free parking around the hotel.

The room was fantastic for our needs and we were pretty tired from the long trip and decided to just go to sleep.

This meant that we woke up super early in the morning and therefore decided to go on a hike for an overview of Ålesund to a place called Fjellstua.

A rainy Ålesund early in the morning

A cannon

We spent a good three hours hiking around and finally made our way back to the hotel for the amazing Scandinavian breakfast.

Fresh bread to die for


Hot breakfast


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