Airline employee obtains passenger’s phone number from her bagtag and joins her on flight to harass her

An American Airlines passenger, Ashley Barno, started to receive text messages from an unknown number complimenting her on her looks while she was waiting for a flight.

On a completely different day, Ashley began receiving the texts again. It turned out that an American Airlines’ employee had obtained Ashley’s phone number from her bag tag and decided to try to get to know her by text and eventually boarded the same flight she was on.

The man, who eventually identified himself as “Ahmad,” told Barno he saw her get onto the plane, and said he watched silently as she passed his aisle 15 seat.

He told her he’d be able to get her a better seat.

“You want to sit next to me?” he wrote.

He asked, twice, “Whats ur seat number?”

He told Barno he’d like to “chat the whole flight” and then sent another plea: “Will you join me?? I have two seats open next to me!”

Barno told him to leave her alone but the texts continued to pour in.

“Friendship with me will be very beneficial for you!!”

“I can always give you good seats, access to the lounges and free flights too!! You can think about it!” he wrote, adding in later messages, “Just looking for one chance to prove my self!! I will be very respectful to you always.”

“I think its a NO then,” he wrote when she didn’t reply, attaching an animated picture of a man holding a flower, with script reading “Forgive Me?” below.

Three and a half hours later, he sent three more messages:


“How was your flight?”

“Chicago is your final destination?”

Brano contacted a flight attendant who made sure the man didn’t approach her. Upon landing, security officers escorted the man off the plane. American Airlines said that the man no longer works for the airline. Brano is pursuing additional damages in court.

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