A trip to see the Puffins on Runde Island in Norway

Introduction: Seeing the fjords in Norway
Quality Hotel Ã…lesund
Runde the Puffin Island
The resort town Kalvåg
The fjords in Stryn / Loen / Olden
Sognejord area and Balestrand
Geiranger fjord and staying in Stranda
The return to Ã…lesund through Trollstigen

We woke up early again because of jetlag and decided to head to the Atlanterhavsparken Ã…lesund Aquarium in town.

a person walking in front of a building with glass doors

The Ã…lesund Aquarium

The Aquarium has both displays inside and an entire area where you can walk outside as well.

After we were done with the Aquarium, we took the two hour drive to Runde Island. Runde Island is famous for the amount of puffins that live there.

Runde Island

The route to Runde Island

There is a super long bridge as your approach the Runde Island that is one lane with two parts where you can pull off in case another car is coming. There are some blind spots so we nervously started down the bridge, but thankfully didn’t encounter any other cars on our way.

We had booked one night at the Runde Environmental Center, an international center dedicated to research. There are a row of apartments there that are available for rent.

We arrived and walked in to the check- in area.

a cashier on a counter

The check in desk

a counter with food on it

Check in area

The apartment was really nice and spacious.

a toilet in a bathroom

The bathroom

a bathroom with a mirror and sink

The bathroom sink

a shower with glass doors

The bathroom shower

a white door with black text on it

Entry to the bathroom

a white door with a number on it

a white closet with silver handles

a bed with white sheets and pillows

Double beds

a kitchen with wooden cabinets and a stove

The full kitchen

a table and chairs in a room

Kitchen table

a living room with a couch and a coffee table

The living area

a counter with food on it

Check in area

Once we were settled in, we headed down to the Goksøyr Camping area in order to book our small boat tour around Runde Island to see the puffins up close. There was a small kiosk type shop where we purchased two tickets on the boat to take a boat tour with Knut.

We boarded the boat with a couple from Germany and from Sweden.

The boat tour allowed us to get up and close to the puffins without having to disturb their habit and Knut knew so much information about the puffins making it a very enjoyable trip out to Runde Island with the puffins.

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