Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash

I just saw the news of NBA legend Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter accident an hour ago.

I am at a loss for words as to how tragic this is for his wife and his four children.

I started to watch the NBA religiously in the 80s and had the pleasure of watching Kobe his entire career.

RIP Kobe and thank you for all that you did for the NBA. Your legacy will not be forgotten

ETA: Multiple sources reporting that his 13 year old daughter was on board as well as 7 other passengers.

Raptors and Spurs pay tribute to #24

Rocket and Nuggets pay tribute

Grammy tribute to Kobe


  1. Wasn’t Kobe Bryant accused of rape? I am the first person to admit that half the time men are accused for political reasons or financial reasons when millions of dollars are involved. I am skeptical of people who come out 10, 15, 20 or 30 years later and say someone did this or that and of course also sue for 20 million dollars. But the complainant filed a report very quickly and she did not cooperate after receiving a settlement with Kobe which is why the case was not brought to trial. He is not the hero he is being portrayed as. Another case of black violence being swept under the rug.

  2. He was not convicted because he agreed to read an apology wherein he admitted to engaging in nonconsensual sex with the victim. Nonconsensual sex=rape. But wasn’t that same a-hole that he was basically up until 2016 any longer. The whole thing is really just sad.

  3. @Drew

    This. As I said many people are falsely accused for political reasons right before an election despite being public figures known for decades. People with money are easy targets and we live in a world of guilty before innocent. Paying people off with a settlement is understandable to protect ones reputation from false accusations. But when you read a statement saying you understand why the accuser felt like this is rape, as part of a settlement, that is completely different. A person taking a plea deal because of the extreme persecution by prosecutors and a broken legal system where jurors are rubber stamps is understandable. But when you publicly make this statement it is very incriminating. Even Weinstein has emails from people who now accuse him of rape saying they miss him and like him sent months after when they say they raped them. Who knows. But Kobe admitted something big.

  4. A wife just lost a husband and daughter. Young girls just lost a father and sister. The world lost a legend of the game and a role model for work ethic.

    @john have some common decency you heartless tool.

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