DISNEYLAND consecutive streak of almost 3000 days IN A ROW comes to an end because of Coronavirus shutdown

Jeff Reitz from Disney366 started going to Disneyland everyday in 2012. He used his annual pass to enter the park every single consecutive day since then without missing a single day.

His consecutive day streak is finally coming to an end. Disney made the decision to close their theme parks through the end of March to help combat the possible spread of coronavirus in large crowd gathering. That means that Jeff’s final day at Disneyland was on March 13th for a total of 2995 consecutive days!

He created a video commemorating the final sweep of the park by Disney staff.

There certainly is something symbolic about the closing of Disneyland underscoring the seriousness of the Coronavirus and the preventive measures to help stop the spread as much as possible.

He capped off his final day by meeting the President of Disneyland Resort, Rebecca Campbell.

I hope Jeff will shortly be able to start a new streak and that the Coronavirus or COVID-19 will be under control.

Tip of the Cap to Couponing to Disney

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