Popular travel blogger reveals he tested positive for coronavirus after returning from recent overseas trip

A popular travel blogger, Nomadic Matt, who blogs at nomadicmatt.com revealed that he has tested positive for the Coronavirus after returning from a recent trip overseas to France and Taiwan. He lays out what it was like to have symptoms, receive a test, and some of the confusion currently going on around the coronavirus.

Matt mentioned that he was feeling really awful on Saturday morning.

There was some difficulty finding where to get tested in Austin, Texas.

I appreciate Matt sharing his story publicly so that others can learn from it. We all need to be vigilant in recognizing symptoms, staying away from each other so that we can flatten the curve.


  1. I guess I don’t understand the fascination with getting tested. Most people who get the flu every winter or so don’t usually get tested. There is no cure so it really doesn’t seem to matter if the test comes back in 48 hours one way or the other. I haven’t been sick, yet… but if I start to fall ill and even if I suspect it is Covid-19 I’m not running out to the health department or local hospital to get tested. If I get seriously sick enough to go to the hospital or doctor I’ll go but there isn’t some magic pill they can give you. It reminds me of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. They seemingly had a minor bit of this illness and then spent days in isolation in the hospital. It seems weird to me. Sure don’t go out and spread it around but that would be true even with a common cold or any other illness.

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