Five Year Old Who Stole His Parents’ Car to Drive to Buy a Lamborghini Gets to meet Shaq, Jamie Foxx, and Lil Pump

I wrote about a Utah 5 year old, Adrian Zamarripa, who stole his parents’ car in order to drive to California to buy a Lamborghini with the $3 he had saved.

Fortunately, the Utah Highway Patrol pulled him over on the highway, due to erratic driving, before Adrian injured anyone.

Photo courtesy UHP on Twitter

After his story was reported nationwide, someone who owned a Lamborghini in Utah invited him to come take a ride with him.

Courtesy Estrada Family

An exotic car dealer in California, RD Whittington of Wires Only, reached out to the family after seeing the story. Adrian and his family flew to California and got to visit the dealership to see all kinds of exotic cars.

RD took the family over to meet Jamie Foxx at his house to see all of his exotic cars. While they were all there, Foxx let Adrian facetime with Shaquille O’Neal and Lil Pump.

Photo courtesy of TMZ

In the end, Adrian finally got the opportunity to ride in some exotic cars and Lamborghinis without having to drive all the way to California by himself in his parents’ car.


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