Nomadic Reindeer Herders in Mongolia Use An App To Share Their Location With Airbnb Guests

A company with a unique logistics proposal is helping nomadic reindeer herders in Mongolia offer an Airbnb experience.

The company what3words developed a map of the entire world by breaking it down into squares of three metres by three metres. Each square has three unique words assigned to it – for example ///

This means that if you wanted to meet someone at the front of a building versus the back of a building, you would give the what3words location for the front door which is different than the back of the building. Each area has a precise location.

This is extremely helpful for logistics companies and customers in countries where addresses are lacking or where a precise location is needed. It’s also being used by emergency services to locate someone in need in South Africa for example.

The post office in Mongolia has adopted this naming system so that anyone can get parcel deliveries regardless of how remote.

A nomadic tribe of herders in Mongolia are using the what3words system to offer an Airbnb experience.

As they move, they communicate their what3words with their host who updates the Airbnb listing allowing guests to find the tribe for the experience. This allows them to offer additional income opportunities by allowing guests to experience the lifestyle while also cutting down on problems of locating the tribe.

I think this is a very innovative idea, especially in countries with poor address systems or where mobile data is limited.

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