Man Mistakenly Hears His Flight Is Cancelled, Exits Airport, Carjacks Multiple Cars and Throw Rocks At Cars on the Highway

This morning at Salt Lake City International Airport a 20 year old man went on an absolute rampage after mistakenly hearing that his flight was cancelled.

At 5 a.m., the man heard news that his flight had been cancelled. This information turned out to be false as there were no reports of cancelled flights at Salt Lake City Airport today.

The man became enraged and police were dispatched to talk with him. Before police could reach him, the man exited the Salt Lake Airport and carjacked a vehicle and took off on the highway.

First crash

Police said he then drove to an area near 900 West and 2100 South, where he intentionally crashed into a car before crashing into an SUV after making a U-turn.

Weisberg said the suspect exited the vehicle stolen from the airport and then attempted to carjack the the driver of the SUV. The woman behind the wheel fought back as the suspect allegedly tried to physically remove her from the driver seat, which he ultimately couldn’t do because the driver was wearing a seat belt.

Second crash
Unable to carjack the SUV, he returned to stolen car #1 and drove off, crashing into a building where he carjacked another car.

Throwing rocks
After crashing carjacked car #2, he tried to stop several cars on the highway but was unsucessful so he resorted to throwing rocks at passing vehicles. He hit one vehicle and then tried to carjack that car. At this point, police caught up with him and took him into custody while attempting this carjacking.

The local news confirmed with the Salt Lake City International Airport that there were no cancelled flight today.

This was an obvious overreaction to news that his flight had been cancelled. It could also be related to the distance passengers have to travel to gate B to only find out his flight had been cancelled /s.



  1. The man was actually upset because he showed up at the airport hoping to purchase a ticket to Denver but was told that flights were sold out.

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