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Ensuring Fair Prices: Salt Lake City International Airport’s Anti-Price Gouging Policy – Are Businesses Compliant?

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My home airport is Salt Lake City International. The airport is currently in phase 2, where 22 gates in Concourse A will open by October 31, 2023. Phase 3 will include the much-anticipated new tunnel connecting the terminal with Concourse B, which is so far away that some people are rollerblading there, as well as…

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Man Mistakenly Hears His Flight Is Cancelled, Exits Airport, Carjacks Multiple Cars and Throw Rocks At Cars on the Highway

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This morning at Salt Lake City International Airport a 20 year old man went on an absolute rampage after mistakenly hearing that his flight was cancelled. At 5 a.m., the man heard news that his flight had been cancelled. This information turned out to be false as there were no reports of cancelled flights at…

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Horrific: Husband Purposely Runs Over Wife In Airport Parking Lot After Returning From Vacation, Killing Her

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A man was arrested yesterday afternoon after allegedly running over his wife with their SUV. The fatal injuries occurred at the parking garage at Salt Lake City International Airport. Police said 38-year-old Shawn Christopher Sturgeon hit his wife Charlotte Sturgeon, 29, with the couple’s SUV after they returned from a vacation. Shawn hit his wife…

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Shorten your security line wait by ticking off your US Representative

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Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,recently complained to the Transportation Security Administration about the long line at Salt Lake City International Airport. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Chaffetz witnessed passengers handing out $50 to other passengers in order to move up in line so they wouldn’t miss…

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