Utah Jazz and Delta Air Lines agree to restore the arena name back to the Delta Center

Delta Air Lines is making a splash locally in Salt Lake.

Delta Air Lines announced a 20 year extension to the contract between Salt Lake City International Airport and Delta Air Lines good through 2044.

This morning, the Utah Jazz and Delta Air Lines announced that the Utah Jazz arena will be renamed The Delta Center starting in July 2023.

a group of people playing basketball

Goodbye Vivint Arena, hello Delta Center

When the new Utah Jazz arena opened up in 1991, it was known as the Delta Center for 15 years. Delta’s bankruptcy in 2005 allowed for someone else to pick up the naming rights and EnergySolution’s did just that for 10 years until Vivint purchased the rights in 2015.

Most Utah Jazz fans, however, still refer to the arena as the Delta Center.

a group of people playing basketball

Salt Lake City is hosting the All Start game next month and the Delta Air Lines coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Utah Jazz.

As a Delta Air Lines Platinum and 1 million miler, I’m happy to see the Utah Jazz and Delta Air Lines partnership resume.


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