Rep. George Santos spent exactly $199.99 multiple times on Airfare, Hotel stays, Uber, and a Clear Membership

George Santos, US House of Representatives member from New York’s 3rd district, has been in the news quite a bit recently with alleged questions about his background, where he has worked, and his finances.

I am interested in his financial disclosures related to travel. The Federal Election Commission threshold for campaigns to keep receipts is $200.

Rep. Santos has over 35 expenses valued at exactly $199.99 which is barely inside the legal limit for needing to submit a receipt.

Using his public disclosures, we can piece together some typical travel.

13 October 2021

He stayed at the W Hotel South Beach for $199.99 and ate at a Miami Diner for $199.99.

15 October 2021

Ate at the Seadside Grill in Florida for, you guessed it, $199.99.

18 October 2021

Supplies purchased at Walgreens for $199.99. He took an Uber in California for $199.99. Presumably he flew to JFK as he then paid a parking fee at JFK Parking for $199.99 and purchased a Clear Membership for $199.99 at JFK.

a screenshot of a white grid

Lastly, his favorite restaurant seems to be Il Bacco Restaurante where he spent over $25,000 there.

With purchases on Amtrak, American Airlines, Delta, Clear, and Uber multiple times for $199.99, Rep. George Santos and his campaign successfully avoided the need to submit receipts for those purchases per the law. Greater transparency on campaign spending is always welcome regardless of political party.


  1. fraud fraud fraud. It’s all fraud. “Successfully avoided the need to submit these purchases.” What is the statistical likelihood that, with tax, all of these purchases in various cities and tax jurisdictions, all magically came out to exactly one penny under the legal reporting threshold? Have you ever seen a hotel rate, post-tax, at the W South Beach mid-week in October come out to $170 or so? Of course, not. The current rate in mid-October mid-week is $629/night. It’s all fraud and he’s going to be going to jail for it.

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